All therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.  Monthly package rates are available. For consultation and professional development rates; please contact our office to discuss rates.

Therapy Services

Virtual Sessions:
●       50 minutes = $90

In-Office Session: (all sessions are 50 minutes in duration)
●       $ 90 Individual Session
●       $ 110 Family Session

Concierge Session:
●       $125 Individual Concierge Session
●       $150 Family Concierge Session

Monthly Packages

In Office:
●       $320 for (4) Individual Sessions
●       $400 for (4) Family Sessions

●       $460 for (4) Individual Sessions
●       $560 for (4) Family Sessions
*Additional packages available upon request

Payment Methods

●   Cash
●   Check
●   Cash App
●   Pay-pal
●   Visa
●  Mastercard
●   Discover
●   American Express

Insurance is NOT accepted at this time; however, if you receive out of network benefits, we can offer you a super bill to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  Please review your coverage carefully and consult with your insurance provider.

Be sure to ask the following questions:
●       What are my mental health insurance benefits?
●       Has my deductible been meet?
●       How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
●       Does my insurance require pre-approval from my primary care physician?


Cancellation Policy

Appointments cancelled without 24 hours’ notice will be charged $25.00 for the missed session. Our voicemail/text system is available 24 hours a day for cancellation purposes.