Therapy Concierge offers mobile and in office mental health counseling to individuals (children ages 8 and up, adolescents, and adults).  Professional development, consultation, group therapy and clinical supervision are also offered. The desired services are provided at our office or the location of your choice using either of the following formats:

●        Virtual Counseling:  A counseling relationship that is maintained via virtual contact or phone.
●        Office Counseling:  Sessions are in person at our office.
●        Concierge Counseling:  In person sessions are held at a convenient location of your choice.


Professional consultation is available to help you find solutions.  We support systems/organizations with exploring issues that address quality assurance, program development and implementation, employee relations and productivity (retention, motivation, burnout), team building, and the implementation of plans of correction. 

Professional Development 

Therapy Concierge offers professional development trainings for systems and organizations to enhance employee knowledge, skill, and effectiveness.  Trainings are customized to meet program and organization needs.


Groups offer a unique supportive environment.  They allow one to interact, connect, and feel more inclusive.  While offering support to others in addition to gaining insight into their own thoughts and behavior.  Hearing different perspectives in a safe confidential space promotes further support for group effectiveness.  All groups are offered to pre-screened participants in eight week cycles.