Tips for Surviving your Family this Holiday Season

Holidays are supposed to be seasons of cheer with families and friends coming together to share some love and memories.

While this is something common and fun, for some, it might just be another hard remainder of some worse days.

And for such group, depression is likely to set in – getting you over something you have dealt with over and over again.

Notwithstanding, considering that family time is a part of the season, it might be weird to find yourself being depressed while you should be lightened up around family.

Depending on settings peculiar to you, some rule of thumb that could help you stay lightened and survive your family this holiday season are:

#1. Be grateful.

While it is almost impossible to eliminate the factors of depression, you could channel your energy to be cheerful and give everyone you meet a smile.

Than dwell in the past that would neither change a thing nor make you better. You may want to see gratitude as the only validation for you to spend the holiday with family. 

In the process of being thankful, you should look for something amazing about you that you are comfortable to share. Once you share something good about yourself, you develop some sense of worthiness and self-love.

And by consistently doing that during the holiday, you will off the hook of depression.

To increase your chance of commitment to it, you can make it like a challenge. Like seven days of gratitude.

Counting our blessings helps us remain grateful to even the worse persons.

#2. Take time for you

With all the preparation for the various celebrations, it is easy to get loss in work and forget yourself.

The best way to recharge your self is to give yourself sufficient space and time away from everyone and everything.

It will help you to focus on your goal of remaining happy amidst the busyness of the season. Remember, you’re making a lifetime commitment to remain happy regardless of the circumstance.

#3. Put the family to work.

Delegate, assign tasks and put the family to work. Do not become machinery, after all, it’s a season to share in love, work together, play together and reminiscence together.

This way, they are useful and less toxic, for the ones there are.

#4. Keep it simple

Keeping your holiday expectation simple and less ideal would help you remain happy even when the holiday didn’t go as you expect.

Keeping your expectation simple would help you remain grateful rather than running round issues within yourself and trying to feel you’re the reason the holiday didn’t go well.

Do the needful and don't try to go overboard.

#5. Plan ahead of the season.

Make plans for what you need and get them.

It will help reduce the bulk of work later on.

Making plans helps give you control over yourself, and this will help you calm.

Remember to try and enjoy the holidays.

Take time for yourself. There is no crime in that. Reach out if you are feeling down.