Mindset: Shifting Perspective

Except you lay claim to some primary psychological knowledge, there is chance that every now and then you are in a rattle with your thoughts and falling out with your own actions. If no one has ever told you that your behavior defines you more than your thoughts do, then you have been barking up the wrong trees and doing a number on your relationships.


What goes on in your head is likely to produce an action. That is why perspective defines your very nature; how people see you and how you address situations. Hey, shifting perspective isn’t similar to a brain swap or total medical bypassing. It is simply organizing your thoughts for you to handle situations better, and for you to lead a more meaningful life. These thoughts will manifest in what become of your life.



Breathing may very well be an involuntary action that even happens in your sleep. But one thing you may not realize is the power of passing breath just to cool down. Ever seen an steaming engine? Cold water or a adequate supply of chill air will get it running like a perfectionist. For the number of limited breaths you have in a lifetime, make each of them count, Taking ten of them in that dire situation or in that array of controversy will do your temper a real solid.



When it seems (or even before) you are about to give in to rational thinking at the detriment of someone involved, don't just be reproachful, but empathetic. Taake smoke 30 seconds to have a walk in the person’s shoes and see how it hurts the toes. You never many the predicament of that person, and should you act according to what’s physically attainable, you may be ruffling feathers you never knew existed.


Be Journalistic

Ever heard of writing it down? Keeping a diary may sound outdated and near useless. But thank God to the advent of mobile apps, you don’t actually need pen and paper or have to store the journal away from sight. Alongside cool features you can use to spice up your writing, these diaries help you mostly live in the moment. When you your tension down in text, is sometimes reveals the truth behind the situation. Just like studying, you gradually will start realizing the deeper meaning of things and be able to respond better. And, never underestimate the power of words, even when written down.


Let Go

In as much as you are in control of your life, the universe has a bigger plan for you - something you cannot ever fight no matter how much effort you invest. You just need to have faith in the bigger picture and trust that there will be a lesson. Your purpose may elude you for now, but only for so long. One day, surely, it will all make sense, But for now, surrender and change that mindset - everything is going to turn out best. Always have positive thoughts, and let the law of attraction have its way.

Don't Forget To Laugh

Happiness is free. Even if you don't have it, at least fake it till you make it. Don’t scorch you gradually developing life into cinders with sadness and bitterness. As many as there could be reasons for an outcry, there is perhaps even much more reasons for you to not just be happy, but grateful. Whilst pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Always remember that mantra.